How business is done currently

Business moves fast... Customers are lost in the blink of an eye. All the while banks and large financial services companies can move incredibly slow with little feedback.

If it is slow for you, it is slow for your customer as well.

The 4th industrial revolution

It is a time of change. Customers are used to rides, groceries, content and goods at the touch of a button.

Why should finance options be any different?

Quote customers while you are still customer facing, provide them with easy to access, easy to complete applications, that customers can finish while you are still with them.

Eliminate follow up and delays with web accessed quotes at your finger tips.

Equipment Finance

If you are not offering equipment finance it's likely your competition is. Equipment finance was a $900 billion business in 2019 and that accounted for roughly 60% of all equipment sales.

Low monthly payments are attractive to customers. Bite size, digestible payment options encourage customers to start making those buying decisions.


In addition to easy to use progressive web based applications, Ampli-fi also provides white label online applications.

Automated, fast, credit decisioning with customer feedback throughout the process so you know what customers are most likely to choose and what needs to be done to close business.


Section 179 provides tax benefits to your customers. Our Section 179 calculator helps sales people and customers to easily quantify the potential savings that often mean customers would pay less over time than if they had paid cash up front.

All with attractive low monthly options.


Ampli-fi makes calculating and offering promotions easier and more attractive than ever.

Speak to our team about a variety of attractive promotions including 0% APR and low APR solutions at your finger tips.

Ampli-fi for sales managers

Our unique dashboard provides feedback on the activity for your sales team.

Free sales team training and webinars

Free sales team training and webinars to super charge your sales team.