We exist to help small business that sell equipment, to sell more equipment while offering customers an industry beating customer experience. Your customers need your help to get the equipment their business need to run. Our unique value proposition does not change your offering, though it does make it more attractive and easier to acquire.


Our mission is to help sales team save time, grow revenues, clarify their channel and help provide excellent customer experiences.


Ampli-fi is a digital tool for the 4th industrial revolution. We exist to help make your job easier and to provide trusted financial service to your customers.

We are driven to provide continuous innovation and automation to make alleviate pain points and allow you to focus on what you do best. Supporting customers.


Ampli-fi wants to help small business give back to their communities. A portion of all proceeds will go to helping reduce the carbon footprint of equipment and machinery. Typically an option only available to large companies, we will help provide small and medium sized business with options to counter act climate imbalance.

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Bringing Automation and Superior Client Experience to Business Lending

With enhanced loan management, servicing, risk analytics and a configurable customer journey, BizFi is helping banks run their lending operations at scale.

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The Complete Digital Lending Platform

The BizFi Platform is a platform software that brands like HSBC and Popular Bank have chosen to launch new online lending initiatives with.